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August 19, 2019
Revola Tea Lights Multi
January 4, 2017

REVOLA Tea Lights Amber

Revola Tea Lights Amber are designed for daily usage of up to 20 hours per charge. It creates the perfect mood and ambience with natural flickering for any atmosphere while eliminating the risks of fire hazards.

Size Dia 4 x 5 cm
Description Unlike other flameless candles, Revola Tea Lights uses induction charging which prolongs product lifespan by removing all pins and prongs on the charging base. Reduce your carbon footprint while doing your part in protecting the environment today by switching to Revola instead of battery-operated light sources. Whether you are a restaurant- or home owner, Revola Rechargeable Tea Lights are the best choice for versatility and enhancement. A 4 times brighter option is also available here..
Light Source LED
Performance 20 hours operating time
Lifespan 15,000 hours
Charging Base Intelligent Induction Charging base which begin to work when candles is placed in the base, turns green when fully charged.
Adaptor 100~240V Power Adaptor

    Features & Benefits

  • Induction Rechargeable technology ensures longevity of product by eliminating charging pins while also being cost-efficient resulting in quick ROI.
  • LED technology allows long lifespan of tea lights (15,000 hours) and long operating time of 20 hours per charge. LED is also the most environmentally friendly choice
  • Flameless solution eliminates fire hazards while being water and wind resistant.
  • Natural and realistic flame effect


    WEIGHT 1 kg
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