Glass Hegg Table Lamp
August 20, 2019
Frosted Short Table Lamp Set
August 20, 2019

Small Glass Egg Table Lamp

GE series features frosted glass lamps producing diffused soft ambient light. It is the center piece for modern contemporary establishments.

Size Dia11 x 16cm
Light source: 1W 8 pcs RGB LED
Materials Frosted Glass
Charging Base: Intelligent Induction Charging base which begin to work when lamp is placed on top, turns green when fully charged.
Operation mode: 16 colour RGB Remote, Jump or gradual change.
Adaptor: 100~240V AC/DC Power
Performance: 10 hours operating time
Each set comes with: Two(2) Table Lamps (same size)
One(1) Induction Charging Base
One(1) 3-Pin Power Adaptor
One(1) Remote Control
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