Classic Alabaster Table Lamp
January 4, 2017

Twisted Glass Table Lamp

Revola Table Lamps are designed for daily usage of up to 10 hours per charge. The uniqueness and versatility of each lamp ensures there is one for every need.

Size: Dia 10.8*13.5 cm
Light source: 1W 8 pcs RGB LED
Charging Base: Intelligent Induction Charging base which begin to work when lamp is placed on top, turns green when fully charged. Operation mode: 16 colour RGB Remote, Jump or gradual change.
Material Glass
Adaptor: 100~240V AC/DC Power
Performance: 10 hours operating time

Each set comes with:

Two(2) Table Lamps (same size)
One(1) Induction Charging Base
One(1) 3-Pin Power Adaptor
One(1) Remote Control

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